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‘We believe everyone should be able to invest in Distressed Real Estate’

Cyprus distressed property

Cyprus real estate crowdfunding

Cyprus Distressed Properties

Cyprus Property Crowdfunding

The real estate cycle is rhythmic, observable and predictable.  The best time to acquire good quality real estate is in the years following an economic recession, as the excesses of the prior cycle peak (e.g. excessive leverage) are being unwound.  In particular, the most recent cycle in Cyprus, was characterized not only by a broad cyclical decline in the value of real estate assets but also by widespread distress. These circumstances conspire to provide the opportunity to acquire premium quality real estate assets at significant discounts. 

Distressed Real Estate has consistently proven to be an extremely lucrative investment. But the vast majority of these investments are limited to a small, select number of institutional investors.

So, we started Real Estate Crowdfunding with a simple goal to give everyone the opportunity to invest in Cyprus Distressed Real Estate.

We are using Crowdfunding because by definition is a natural for the real estate market. Both the fund and the investors can reap significant financial returns through Crowdfunding and both are able to spread their risks. The main advantages for the investors are:

  • Get access to opportunities with small amounts of money.

  • Get to work directly with us and have a voice in the process.

  • Get access to many projects.

Unlike other Property Funds, our approach is to offer Fund management from “An Owners Perspective” geared towards enhancing value.  

We believe that our many years of experience in managing our own portfolios, gives us a unique perspective when managing a property Fund. We certainly intend to be a player in the Cyprus distressed property business for a long time. It’s still early in the game but we will undoubtedly be looking at opportunities over the next few years. Our highly trained team and excellent network provide one of best and easiest ways to make a successful and safe investment.

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Cyprus Real Estate Crowdfunding


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